This page will give you all the necessary information that you may need while using our website. Please, read it carefully.


Q. - Does it cost anything to register at your site?
A. - It is absolutely FREE to join our site. The registration process takes only 30 seconds so that you could start meeting single Ukrainian and Russian girls immediately.  

Q. - How do I post my profile on your site?
A. - Just click on the "Join" link. You may fill in only required fields or you may spend some more time upload a few photos and tell more about yourself. Remember complete profiles attract up to 60% more attention.

Q. - Why was my username rejected during registration?
A. - Username is your nickname on our site. It may only contain Latin characters, digits and underscore.

Q. - Do I have to pay anything after registration?
A. - No. You can read all incoming mail and browse the ladies gallery at no charge.  

Q. - I am a woman. I want to join your site. How do I do this?
A. - We do not register female members through the internet. Please, contact our support team, leave your contact information and we will send you instructions on how to sign up.

Q. - Do you have any restrictions on photos that I may post in my profile?
A. - Please upload a recent picture of yours. We do not accept nudity, drawings, photos of other people, animals and landscapes. All photos are reviewed before publishing and some may be rejected.

Q. - I cannot complete my registration! I do not get the confirmation letter. What to do?
A. - Please, contact our support team.

Q. - How do I remove my profile from the site?
A. - Please, contact our support team. We will delete all the data.

Q. - May I post some contact information in my profile?
A. - No, it is NOT allowed to post any contact information. Please read our Terms of Use for more information.


Q. - What kind of membership plans do you have?
A. - We do not charge membership, monthly or other upgrade fees. Pay only for the service you use!

Payments and Credits

Q. - What should I do to use all your services (messaging, live chat, etc)?
A. - You should buy some credits first.

Q. - What are credits and how they work?
A. - You need to purchase some credits if you are serious about using our services. You can use credits as a virtual currency to make payments at our website. Credits are similar to a pre-paid telephone card. All prices for the services are listed in credits. Once you purchase some credits you can pay for the services as you go without membership or any other fees. Purchased credits never expire.

Q. - How do I buy credits?
A. - Click on "Buy Credits" in your account menu and choose the amount of credits you want to buy. The more credits you buy the bigger discount you get. Your account will be credited immediately after the payment so you can always know how many credits you have on your account.

Q. - What kinds of payments you accept?
A. - We accept Visa, Mastercard and AmEx cards. All payments are done in USD. You can also send payments through Western Union, Moneygram or Wire Transfer. If you need alternative payment options, please, contact support to details.

Q. - If I pay through Western Union or Money gram, how long will it take to get credits on my account?
A. - It usually takes from 1 to 10 hours. May take longer on weekends.

Q. - I bought some credits today, but they were not added to my account. The payment has gone through successfully, but there are still not credits! When will I get my credits?
A. - Most probably, your last transaction got under review by the credit card processor. The review usually takes up to 24 hours. By reviewing certain payments, banks ensure themselves against fraudulent transactions. Your payment may get under review if you were using someone else's computer or you were in a certain location while making a payment. If you got in such situation, inform us and be patient. We will credit your account as soon as the transaction is cleared and all holds are removed.

Q. - Will you charge my credit card automatically after my first payment?
A. - We never charge your credit card automatically. Only you can buy credits and make the payment. Your credit card data is not stored anywhere on our servers, so we will never charge you without your will.

General Questions

Q. - What is the mission of Need4love?
A. - The main purpose of our website is to create online communication facility for single men from all over the world and brides from Russia and Ukraine. We gather men and women in one place and give them a chance to start their relationship. Please, note that most of our female members do not speak enough of English, that is why we provide them with professional live tranlsation service absolutely FREE. The cost of the translation service is covered by the credits purchased by male members of the website. 

Q. - What is the minimum age of women who are present on your website?
A. - Minimum age is 18.

Q. - I want to find a specific lady's profile. How do I do this?
A. - You can use many search options: age, height, weight, eyes and hair color, body type and many other criteria. Just click "Search" button on the home page.

Q. - I created a profile but I can neither read nor write letters. Why?
A. - It usually takes some time for new profiles to be approved. Please, be patient.

Q. - Are all girls here real?
A. - We check all profiles of our female members. Along with their application, women are required to submit copies of their ID. We also interview ladies before publishing them on our site. We do a lot of work to keep scammers and fake profiles off the website. And, of course, the best way to find out if the woman you like is real is to spend some time with her in video chat.

Q. - I am 16 years old and I want to sign up. Is there a way to do it?
A. - No, you must be at least 18 years old.

Q. - I cannot view all girls' photos in your gallery. Why?
A. - You need to register first
Q. - I'm looking for a serious relationship, possibly a wife. Are your women serious about getting married?
A. - Yes, many of them are looking for marriage. To make sure you are looking for the same things, please, check the "Aim of acquaintance" field on ladies profiles.

Q. - How do women get to your site?
A. - Need4love has established business relations with marriage agencies in Ukraine and Russia. The women you see in our gallery are clients of the agencies we work with. Need4love does not have any personal relations with the ladies you communicate with on our site.

Q. - I am not looking for a wife and do not want to get married. I just want to find friends from another country. Is it possible?
A. - Yes, there are certainly girls on our site who are looking for similar things.

Q. - Men from what countries are more interesting to Russian and Ukrainian women?
A. - Men from western Christian countries - the USA and Canada, Western Europe, Australia.

Q. - Men of what age are of interest to Ukrainian and Russian women?
A. - We have women of different age groups, so you may easily find someone who would be interested in you.

Q. - How well do girls on your site know English?
A. - You can check the field "English Proficiency" in a lady's profile.

Q. - I did not find the answer for my question in the FAQ. What to do?
A. - Please contact our support team.

Q. - I would like to contact the administration of the site personally. Is it possible?
A. - Yes, please, write to our support team. They will let you know how to get in touch with the administration.

Q. - I would like to correspond via emails. Why should I use your site for communication?
A. - There are reasons for that. Some part of our female members does not speak English well, so they use the translation service, which we provide to them free of charge. In addition, one of the main priority of our service is to guarantee the safety for all our members. We are constantly fighting scam with careful check of ladies' profiles and documents. We monitor members' activity on the site and transparently screen correspondence to detect scam attempts. On the other hand, we offer protection to our female members from unserious, financially unstable men, criminals, sexual offenders and 'sex tourists'. You would be surprised to know how many of such people come across.

Q. - The internet is full of free sites. Why should I pay you?
A. - You are absolutely right. If you are looking just for mere online communication, there are thousands of them out there. Our site specializes on serious dating and relations. We offer exclusive services for single men who are looking for love, family or serious relationship with women. We provide instruments for that: webmail, messaging, live video chat, gift delivery and romantic tours. We also provide ladies with free translation services, free internet and webcam access so that you could easily build your communication. We do all sorts of checks and verifications before we post any girl on our site. We screen their activity to protect you from scam and money loss. Once you build your relations we will help you arrange a real life meeting with the person you like. This is what our customers appreciate our work for and that is why they are never sorry they used paid services at our website.

Q. - Can I speak to you over the phone?
A. - Yes, please, write to our support team to get our contact phone number.

Q. - What is your postal address?
A. - Our address in the USA is Need4love LLC, 291 Geary Street, Suite 405, San Francisco, CA 94102. Our work is arranged through local marriage agencies in Ukraine and Russia as our partners and representatives.

Q. - Is it possible to send you a confidential request? I do not want  girls who I correspond with to know that I wrote to administration?
A. - Yes, we guarantee the confidentiality of all correspondence between our members and administration.

Q. - I found a bug on the site. Are you interested?
A. - Yes, we are always trying to improve our site performance and fix all errors. Please, report the bug to our support.

Q. - I suspect that some female members are not serious. May I report them?
A. - Yes, please write to us about any member's suspicious behavior that you may notice. We will investigate all reports.

Q. - The lady who I correspond with asks me to send her some money. What should I do?
A. - The first thing you should do is not to send any money! Please report the person who asks you for money. It is forbidden to ask for money at Need4love. Such actions are considered to be scam.


Q. - Is it possible to add attachments to letters on the site?
A. - You can attach photos - one photo per letter. Other kinds of attachments will not get through.

Q. - May I send my email or other contact info in my letters?
A. - No, it is not allowed to send your contact information (emails, phone numbers, etc) in your letters. Our filtering system will delete this information and your profile can be suspended. You can get girls' contact information in a different way.
See "How do I receive the contact details of a lady from the site" question below.

Q. - I sent a letter I now I do not want my lady to read it. Is it possible to remove the letter from her email box?
A. - Yes, we can remove the letters you sent. You should tell us the dates when they were sent. Note, your account will not be credited for 'removed' letters.

Q. - I speak some Russian. May I write letters in Russian with Cyrillic characters?
A. - Yes, our site supports Cyrillic characters so you can communicate in Russian or Ukrainian.

Live Chat

Q. - I am interested in your Live Chat service and want to try it. What should I do?
A. - You should make sure that you have a broadband internet connection and you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your system. You should beforehand get familiar with the chat rules and interface description. 

Q. - How do I start chatting?
A. - Select a lady you want to chat with by clicking on her name and write to her. If you accept a lady's invitation the chat session is started automatically.

Q. - How do I finish online chat and stop being charged?
A. - To finish your chat session with a certain woman you should click 'Close' button next to her name in your contact list. Note that you can still watch the lady after closing a session with her! On closing Live Chat page all active sessions are automatically aborted.

Q. - How much does Live Chat cost?
A. - The cost of online text chat is 3 credit per minute. 

Q. - I have problems with chat. It is not working or is working not properly. How can I solve this problem?
A. - It seems like you have an old version of your browser or some necessary components are not installed. Contact our support team and describe the problem with more details. We will help you to make it work.

Q. - Where are these women accessing the online services and  Chat, at home or a mutual gathering place?
A. - The ladies can access online services both from home as well as from offices of our affiliates.

Gifts Delivery

Q. - How long does it take to deliver a gift to a lady?
A. - We do our best to deliver your gift to a lady in 5 days. However, sometimes it takes us more time to deliver the gift during the busy seasons. Most of times delays are connected with held ups at delivery services.

Q. - How can I be sure that my gift was delivered to my lady?
A. - As a proof we take two photos of your lady holding the gift and send them to you.

Q. - I'd like to send a gift to a lady. What are the most popular holidays in Ukraine and Russia when women usually get presents?
A. - The most celebrated holidays are the New Year (Jan., 01), the St. Valentine's Day (Feb., 14), and the International Women's Day (Mar., 08) when men give presents to women.

Q. - How do I order a gift for a lady?
A. - Just click 'Send a Present' in a lady's profile and select the present (flowers, toys, perfumes, etc).

Q. - Can I send an exclusive gift that is not listed on your site?
A. - Yes, it is possible. Please, contact our support team to learn how to do it.

Contacts and Real-Life Meetings

Q. - How do I receive contact details of a lady from the site?
A. - Please contact support team. 

Q. - What do I need to send a request for contact details of a lady?
A. - In order to send a request for a lady's contact information you need to be for at least 3 months in regular communication and spend at least 3000 credits on letters and chats with her.   

Q. - Why do you require 3 months of regular communication with the lady to request lady's contact details?
A. - We respect our lady's privacy and never disclose their contact details without their prior agreement. Every time men send requests for contact details, we have to ask our ladies for permission. If a lady does not feel like sharing her contact details with a certain man, his request is declined. Most of declines happen because a lady does not know the person enough. Obviously, it is impossible to get to know a man well enough after just a couple of letters. We believe that 3 months of communication will help a lady get to know a man at least to some extent.
As a rule men stop communicating with the lady if their request for contact information is denied. They get offended and hurt. The mission of this site is to unite people and not disappoint. We want you to get to know the person you communicate with well enough so that you could gain her trust. That is why we have this requirement.

Q. - Is it free to send a request for lady's contact information?
A. - No, we charge 20 credits for sending a request for contact info. We take this fee for our agent's work. The administration of the site does not have contact information of the ladies. Each time you request someone's contact details, we forward your request to Ukraine/Russia to one of our agents. The agent must get in touch with the lady, specify her actual contact details and get her permission for sharing her information with you.

Q. - I have requested contact details of a lady. When will you send the information to me?
A. - It usually takes 4-5 days for our partners in Ukraine to contact the lady about the permission to share her contact information with you. If you did not receive a reply within this time, the funds will be returned to your account.

Q. - I have requested the lady's contact details but never received any reply. What happened?
A. - Please check the spam folder in your mail box. Our notification could be deleted or moved by the spam filter. Please, contact our support team to solve the issue.

Q. - I have received lady's contact details, but they seems to be incorrect. What do I do?
A. - Please contact the support team, there could be a simple error or misprint. If this is  the case you will receive correct contacts within a few days. We do not contact the ladies personally. All contact information is provided by our agents in Russia or Ukraine. If we are not able to resolve the issue, the credits that you spent on contact information request will be returned to you.

Q. - I want to know the lady's email address. How do I get it?
A. - You can send a request to get the contact info of the girls that you like. It will include their full names, postal address and mobile phone numbers. You can then contact them over the phone to find out all additional information that you need. We do not store personal email addresses of the ladies, so we cannot provide such information.

Q. - I want to visit a lady from your site in her home country. Do you offer assistance with the trip?
A. - Yes, we offer full assistance with trip arrangements. Please, contact support and provide the following information: your lady's ID, an approximate date of your arrival and a period of your stay.

Q. - What is the best way to come and see the lady?
A. - There are two ways of doing that:

1. Get contact information of the lady you want to visit, and arrange the trip on your own. Your girlfriend could take care of your stay in the country, lodging, transportation etc. This is the cheapest way, but it is not always the most convenient.  

2. You can use our Romance Tour service. In this case our representatives in Ukraine take all responsibility for your visit. They will organize airport transfer, apartments, personal driver, interpreter, your leisure time, romantic events, daily meals, etc.

Q. - How do I book a Romantic Tour?
A. - Open your lady's profile, click the link "Visit the Lady in a Romance Tour" and fill out the application form. Our managers will contact you shortly after that.

Q. - I do not want to use your Romance tours service. How can I meet my lady?
A. - You can get your lady's contact details through the site (click 'Request Contact Info') and arrange a trip on your own.

Q. - Can you help me arrange airplane tickets?
A. - No, we do not offer assistance with airplane tickets. You can either book the tickets yourself, or use the services of the companies that specialize in that.

Q. - What is the cost of the Romance Tour?
A. - Open your lady's profile, click the link "Visit the Lady in a Romance Tour" and fill out the application form. We can then send you the approximate tour cost. Depending on the city/cities you are going to visit, the cost of the tour may vary. Once we receive your application you will be able to arrange everything with our managers and get all possible assistance.

Please, do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have more questions.

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