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More About Me
I am an positive thinking person, I always express happiness and kideness.
I m dreaming about that pleasure spending time together with my lovely man.
People say I am very patient and understanding person I m able to listen, forgive, apologize, and refrain from judgment.
My nature is affectionate and caring. I will always remind my soul mate how much he means to me, share feelings by actions my and words. And i hope my behavior will encourage him to do the same. I love life and I prefer to see only the best features in people. I am a faithful and supportive woman and I want to create a family based on harmony and love

Ideal Relationship
I am looking for a man who will become my best friend and lover for whole my life; for someone I can tell my deepest thoughts without fear of being judged; someone incredible affectionate; someone who will feel me me so well - we just have to share a glance to know what the other is thinking; someone who understands that sometimes I cry because I am happy; someone who is not afraid to laugh at himself; someone who when we will dance slowly with him, feels that we almost become one sole, we have one love and create one world!